The advice of 20 psychologists of Akmola region is- in action.

In 2013 the Center of family education of the city of Kokshetau created the Coordinating Council of psychologists of Akmola region "Advice of 20" that successfully functions through present.

The purposes of creation of the Council are:

  1. Opening “Schools of family education” in every rural school of Akmola region;
  2. Activation of psychological consultancy to improve the general level of psychological culture of the population;
  3. Strengthening of preventive measures to prevent self-destructive behavior among adolescents.
  4. Activation and implementation of supervision - the necessary direction in the professional psychological activity.

Supervision is –watching over the work of a psychologist, a teacher by more skilled professional; joint discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the process of activity; correcting of mistakes encountered. In this case, supervision may be considered as a system of professional support of specialists - school psychologists, when performing monthly meetings of participants of "Advice of 20".

There was a regular meeting of Council on the5-6th of May. The program of the meeting was saturated. The first day - 5 May, 2015 the meeting took place on the basis of the Youth home in Kokshetau. This day regional psychologists together with colleagues from Kokshetau participated in the educational training “Possibilities of counseling if teenagers are in destructive religious organizations”. Moderators of the seminar were: "Centre of the analysis and development of the interfaith relations" under the Committee for Religious Affairs of Akmola region. A.Minakova - consultant, coach-supervisor of the " Association of psychologists of the Republic of Kazakhstan", the psychologist of the highest category, consulting  psychologist on family education, therapist on a method of system and structural arrangements, graduate of the Institute of Family Education was invited as a trainer and also consulting  psychologist in a practical part of the program. The day was saturated. Each participant told that was taken in the professional plan and that served as personal therapy for him.

6 May, 2015 regional coordinators on family education continued their work on the basis of the secondary school № 12 of the city of Kokshetau. Doors of this school are always opened for guests. It was nice that hot breakfast waited for guests in the dining room, as all psychologists arrived from districts. Attention from organizers was very significant for psychologists.

Some questions and master classes from colleagues were provided in the agenda of the second day of work.

In the beginning of the work the head of the Center of family education Yu.Sarsekeyeva handed certificates of honor to participants of past Republican actions of the Institute of Family Education and thanked them for educating the parent community of the region in matters of child-rearing.

Then, each participant received methodical material and information about carrying out the forthcoming Republican Parental conference “Psychological assistance to parents in preparing of teenagers to UNT”, which will be held on the 16th of May.

Further there was a practical part of the meeting of "Advice of 20" which began with acquaintance and warm-up techniques. The specialist on family education of the city of Stepnogorsk, the psychologist of Orphanage No. 4 - Ye.Legunets acquainted the audience with them.

The work was continued with a practical technique "A dream collage" from the category of positive psychology. Yu.Sarsekeyeva demonstrated it.

Options of work on techniques of phototherapy "Look at yourself" of Zh. Bekakhmetova - the educational psychologist of the secondary school № 8 of the city of Kokshetau were presented to the attention of colleagues.

The practical part of the program ended with "A sand ceremony" which was held by the educational psychologist of the secondary school No. 17 - M. Tamindarova.

Participants of "Advice of 20" are always glad to meetings. They say that each meeting not only brings together school psychologists, but is also a platform for the exchange of professional experience.

 Participants wait for a new meeting on "Advice of 20".



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