Participation in a regional seminar.

24 April, 2015 in the secondary school №19 of the city of Kokshetau a regional seminar "Organization of psychological and pedagogical support of students in a comprehensive school in the conditions of development of inclusive education" took place. The head of the Center of family education of the city of Kokshetau-Yu.Sarsekeyeva participated in this seminar.

The Chairman of the Coordinating Council on the development of inclusive education in Akmola region - M.Ibrayev was the moderator of this seminar.

During the seminar the following questions were considered by the teachers:

“Distance learning at home, the use of special equipment”.

Chief specialist of the sector of methodical work of the City Department of Education - N. Kabdrakhmanova addressed with this subject.

Coordinator of Inclusive Education of the secondary school №19 - A.Zhangazina introduced the assembled participants with materials of the theme "Organization of psychological and pedagogical support of children with special educational needs".

The subject “Speech pathology support in the conditions of a comprehensive school. The role of psychological and pedagogical correction room in the rehabilitation and social adaptation of children with oppositional defiant disorder” was offered to consideration by the head of the psychological and pedagogical correction room №10 – S. Lobur.

Following the results of the seminar the directions of joint activity of the Center of family education of Kokshetau city and educational institutions of Akmola region in the development of inclusive education are defined.


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Большое спасибо организаторам Конференции за предоставленную ценную информацию. Было бы очень хорошо, если б такие мероприятия проводились чаще. Особую благодарность выражаю за то, что с помощью психолога Института Семейного Воспитания я смогла разобраться в давно интересующих меня вопросах.    Мама ученика 6 класса, г. Петропавловск

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