Young families of the city of Karaganda learn to be happy.

The Center of family education of the city of Karaganda "Shanyrak" closely cooperates with the Karaganda regional branch of the “Nur Otan” party. In a short period of work the Center has participated in many events organized by the branch of the party in the joint educational projects related to issues of strengthening a family and family education.

For example, March 31, 2015 there was the urban event under the "Happy Family" program. For this event were invited young couples, large and multicultural families. Format - a seminar with training elements. The officers of the Department of health of the region participated in it.

The purpose of the seminar - increasing of level of knowledge of young spouses in the sphere of the matrimonial relations, formation of an active social position of a young family, prevention of divorces in young families.

During the seminar large families shared their experience of happy family life, international families told how to learn to overcome friction in the household questions connected with development of national customs and traditions. Participants discussed the question how to keep the family in crisis situations and create fine kindred relationship between all members of the international family.

R.Tuyebayeva - a mother of eight children said that the main condition for a stable and strong family is: mutual respect, unity of purpose , committing to moral and spiritual values. And a representative from a multinational family S.Yakhina spoke about the role of a father in family education, acquainted with the biography of her dad. She is a child of a large family, the sixth child. Her father who celebrated this year his 100 birthday, early became a widower, but, despite difficulties of life, he could raise the children properly. Thanks to his father's love for children and his constant care of his family, all children staggered to their feet, got fine education. The father became an example for all family members and his role in this family is irreplaceable!

During the seminar participants continually spoke about importance of strengthening of family and moral values in the Kazakh society, talked about the prevention of reproductive health of young spouses, about psychological assistance to a young couple in search of a way out of the crisis periods of family life.

Family consulting psychologist S. Kulenova held for attendees the training on the subject "Family. Functional and dysfunctional families".

Exercises of the practical part of this training, promoting raising of emotional and positive spirit, were pleasant to participants very much and therefore they got into gear from the first minutes.

Theoretical part was included in the program of the meeting. Participants could get acquainted with the concept "family", types of families, learn how to choose their target correctly in starting a family. Discussion of a question what spouses we want to see in joint life had caused a particular interest among young couples who could receive a wise response from families of the older generation.

After the meeting all participants received from the organizers the following recommendations: "Four steps to the preservation of a family," "The installations helping to overcome conflict situations". And mothers from large families received bouquets of flowers.

After a seminar all attendees had a positive mood and disposed to further communication. All participants of the training exchanged contacts with the expert, who had carried out this meeting, to help the friends and relatives and if it is necessary to address to the family psychologist for advice.



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