Seminars for teachers.

March 3, 2015 in Karaganda for educational psychologists, social teachers of Karaganda region specialists of the Center of family education of the city of Kokshetau held a 10-hour training seminar concerning the questions of family education "Happy Family".

Yu.Sarsekeyeva  - the head of "the Center of family education of the city of Kokshetau and also a family psychologist was the coach of this seminar. The following items of family education were discussed during the seminar:

  • Dysfunctional and functional families.
  • Crisis periods of development of a family.
  • Communication within the family, as it should be.
  • Modern methods of interaction between a family and a school.

Except a theoretical basis of the declared subjects, participants worked out a set of author's techniques (L. Lebedeva, I. Vachkov, O. Hukhlayeva). Application of the lessons learned will effectively affect the work of teachers with students' families and intensifies cooperation of a family and a school.

March 12, 2015 at school No. 1 of the settlement of Zerenda, Akmola region for educational psychologists and social teachers of State Owned Unitary Enterprise "Centre for analysis and development of interfaith relations" under the Committee for Religious Affairs of Akmola region, the seminar was held on the topic: "Children and media socialization in the conditions of aggressive media environment". The Center of family education of the city of Kokshetau participated in this seminar.

Speech of the head of the Center Yu.Sarsekeyeva caused immense excitement in audience. She used not only presentation slide materials, but also videos relating to a performance subject- "Family education as a factor of successful socialization of the identity of the child".

A family for a child is both life environment and educational environment. The influence of the family especially in the initial period of child’s life exceeds any other educational impact. The family reflects a school and mass media, public organizations, friends, influence of literature and art. Getting acquainted with a family role in formation of the identity of the child, teachers drew a conclusion: success of formation of the personality is caused, first of all, by a family.

The influence of the family:

  • the family carries out socialization of the personality;
  • the family provides continuity of traditions;
  • the most important social function of a family is education of the citizen, patriot, future family man, law-abiding member of society;
  • the family has essential impact on choice of profession.

At the end of training workshops all participants were given certificates of the Institute of Family Education which give the right to open the "School of family education" and to carry out educational and consulting activity according to the purposes and goals of the educational institutions in the field of family education.



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