One of the forms of work with troubled teenagers.

The Center of family education of Shymkent city (the director - L.Kalatur)together with Public Fund "Martobe Plus" (the director – S.Imbarova) for several years realize the long-standing program for prevention, diagnostics and correction of aggressive behavior and cases of delinquency among younger generation of the city.

Psychologists use the most various forms and methods of work with teenagers. These are seminars and conferences, interactive trainings and roundtable discussions with the invitation of the experts dealing with these issues. Health workers, law enforcement officials, coaches of sports departments, journalists and many others participate in these activities together with teachers and psychologists. 

The action "Your height" was a real surprise for children. On the eve of the holiday "Nauryz" the interim results of study and discipline were summed up among students of urban schools who earlier had been on the intraschool accounting and had been notable for their deviant behavior. 12 young people who have noticeably improved their academic results and behavior and who most actively participated in all activities held by the Center of family education and Public Fund "Martobe Plus" were chosen. These guys had a unique opportunity after classes with instructors “Association of parachuting of South Kazakhstan region” to sail up into the clouds and independently jump with a parachute. These teenagers will remember the day - March 13, 2015 for life. It is difficult to convey in words all the feelings that guys have experienced this day! They met with pilots of the military unit and well-known athletes from Astana and Almaty, medalists and winners of the International competitions who this day together with teenagers also made their parachute jumps.

The main conclusion that the guys have made for themselves this day - everything can be corrected and changed to the best, you must only want to do it!

Each person chooses the way of his life and his companions himself! Children believed in themselves and understood that they will be able to clear any bar and touch the sky!



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Благодарность Институту из Петропавловска

Большое спасибо организаторам Конференции за предоставленную ценную информацию. Было бы очень хорошо, если б такие мероприятия проводились чаще. Особую благодарность выражаю за то, что с помощью психолога Института Семейного Воспитания я смогла разобраться в давно интересующих меня вопросах.    Мама ученика 6 класса, г. Петропавловск

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