Let’s keep traditions and ceremonies in the Kazakh family.

At the "School of the family relations" which is called "Shanyrak" and which is opened by the initiative of the Center of family education of Karaganda city together with training workshops for future parents other educational activities are hold. These activities work for strengthening the status of a family, family values and traditions in the minds of the younger generation.

On New Year's Eve organizers held a festive event "Kyrkynan shagyru”. The purpose was- to show young families a ceremony which is carried out in Kazakh families at all times. This ceremony is held when a newborn child is 40 days.

In Kazakh families there are many ceremonies and customs connected with celebration of the newborn. These traditions are very beautiful and memorable for each family.

Today, when time runs for each of us with cosmic speed, not always young people find time for studying of these ceremonies. Of course, it is good when in a family there are grandmothers, who can tell about ceremonies or do them themselves. But, unfortunately, not every family can boast that it carries out all these family traditions. Therefore organizers also decided to draw attention of young parents to important events in their life, in particular such as the birth of a baby. That is why this day organizers invited young families with children to whom there were 40 days and the older generation - the grandmothers having children and grandchildren, and also youth of the city to show the carrying out of the ceremony.

Show presenters got acquainted all guests of a holiday with the value of the ceremony and explained why you should carry out it in 40 days, why during bathing you should pour forty tablespoons of water for each part of the baby's body, pronouncing kind wishes for each part of the body of the kid. Then demonstrated how to cut baby’s nails and hair correctly, then, according to the ceremony, which is called "Kyrkynan shagyru" declared the child a full man, personality. Dear grandmothers gave blessing to the child, lavished gifts on him, and gave parting words and good wishes to all attendees of a ceremony.

All newborns and their parents didn't remain without attention; they received gratitude for the participation in this representative act and got gifts from the organizers.

Carrying out of the ceremony was followed by festive artistic performance performed by pupils and the staff of the policlinic. There were journalists of local newspapers at this meeting.

Speaking at the event, the head of Karaganda’s Center of family education S.Kulenova congratulated all present parents with the important day in their family and showed the work of the Centre to all attendees, having invited parents to attend training workshops concerning family education.

S.Kulenova said: "I am very glad that among the guests of the meeting I see young mothers who have already visited our training before the birth of their children, and today already came with their newborn babies here and participate in a ceremony. I hope that they will continue their studies at the "School of family relationships" at the polyclinic №3, because classes for young mothers are very important during the child-rearing from the birth till one year!!!”.

Traditionally the holiday came to the end with an entertainment.

A tasty lunch on a festive dastarkhan in honor of kids waited for the guests.

The main purpose of the meeting was achieved by the organizers.

Conservation of national family traditions, rites and customs – is a business of each Kazakh family.


The head of the Center of family education “Shanyrak”



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