The system work of the Center of family education of Shymkent city in January.

January for the Shymkent’s Center of family education became productive. The report of the leader for the first month of new 2015 year shows it. There is no day without work. There is a new event every day.

Already in the first days of the New Year, with high level of organization, the trainings for the military personnel of the military unit 6506, aimed at the prevention of anxiety, stress and conflict situation at the soldiers - the main reasons of self-injurious aggression were provided.

The psychologist, the director of the Center L. Kalatur, in the course of training, by means of psychological techniques, sensitized the military personnel to successful service and discharge of the honorable civic duty.

On the 12th of January, together with the Akimat of Enbekshinsky urban area, the South Kazakhstan region, the Center of family education conducted the training with youth on the topic "Styles of family education" and talked with female students about domestic violence and also about the ancient tradition "theft of the bride".

In the current year the Center continues to carry out work on the creation of "Schools of family education" in the region.

On the 20th of January there was a regular lecture in the "School of family education" with parents of 7th graders on the topic "Family communication. As it should be". (This training was organized in the secondary school №30). During the meeting, parents could consult and receive answers from a psychologist on all questions relating to the education of adolescents in the transition period. The interesting meeting was held in the "School of the family education" of the kindergarten №24 for parents and kindergarten staff on the topic: "Preparing children for school. Adaptation of children in the first grade". The special attention of listeners was directed on careful attitude to children and increase of responsibility of adults for life and health of children. Psychologists volunteers of the Center - E.Utilova and Zh. Usenova took part in the training.

"The school of family education" also works in the secondary school № 28. There was a seminar for parents of third graders on the theme: “Prevention of low language”.

Within a month the Center held 10 consultations: for students on the issue - how psychologically to be prepared for passing the uniform national testing; for parents with children – on improving of parent-child relationship. Three training workshops were held according to the program “Happy Family” for educators in Ordabasinsky district, the cities of Arys and Shymkent. The Center will continue to carry out the offsite educative trainings for teachers and parents in the regions of area in February of the current year.


The director of the “Center of family education”



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Большое спасибо организаторам Конференции за предоставленную ценную информацию. Было бы очень хорошо, если б такие мероприятия проводились чаще. Особую благодарность выражаю за то, что с помощью психолога Института Семейного Воспитания я смогла разобраться в давно интересующих меня вопросах.    Мама ученика 6 класса, г. Петропавловск

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