Children are - a mirror where parents can see themselves.

At all times men and women, starting their own families, established them according to the prevailing family traditions and practices. Children borrowed the experience of creation a family at the older generation, at their parents. Parents transferred experience to the children, as an order.

In each family, each family member was defined with his place, his obligations and responsibilities. There was no harmony and peace in a family if these family rules and traditions have not been observed and eventually, such a family could break up.

To prevent the decay of a young family, the older generation paid special attention to strengthening of mutual understanding and respect from both spouses and conducted the work on preservation of the family.

In the Kazakh family a husband and a wife – are the foundation of the family. The foundation is laid from the date of a wedding and becomes stronger throughout all family life. A man gets warmth, mutual understanding, peace and harmony in the parental house from a father and a mother. With the creation of the family the person shows by his behavior all his love and care, responsibility and his human qualities to his loved ones. Successful marriage begins with the fact that the husband and the wife faithfully fulfill their obligations before each other. It is the beginning of married life.

Unfortunately, it also happens that sometimes another picture is observed in life.

Some women complain that “their husbands are irresponsible, cannot support a family, while the other husbands have a car and give gifts to their wives and live in their houses”, and  these women continue “my husband is only able to drink beer at night and sleep all day”. And these words are bitter truth. It is possible to hear and see such a picture quite often.

In life you can see men who don't work and don’t earn money at all. Like they say they are albatrosses around woman’s neck. Here, I would like to pay attention of young women to the fact that men and women are different by nature. Men don't realize their responsibility before a family. Adaptation to a new way of life, patience, respect and support are necessary for them from a loving wife.

We notice from life observation that men don't want to break their former stag relationships, often meet with their friends. But it happens that women too "read off scale", trying to be the head of the family. When in a young family the woman takes full responsibility for all - a man becomes indifferent. This situation can lead to a conflict within the family.

Therefore young spouses at the beginning of family life have to be attentive to each other, be able to listen and hear each other, understand, support and help to overcome difficulties and to learn to start together a happy family.

In Kazakh family the boy follows an example of the father, and the girl of her mother. Therefore parents always want to give children not only their love and warmth, but also to transfer life skills and abilities, to help to get good education, then the profession.

Parents – are the main people in the child's upbringing. And children are the mirror where parents can see themselves. Warm relations between parents and children, the high level of pedagogical culture of parents –are the main key to success in raising children.


The director of the kindergarten “Baldauren”,

Karaganda city.



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