The advocacy of family values for creation of strong, happy families.

The essay of the graduate of the Institute, the educational psychologist of the day care center No. 69 of Astana city, A.Kunbulatova.

From generation to generation people devolved different values - knowledge and skills, adding and improving them. They always lived in harmony with the nature, without breaking laws of life, without differentiating the concepts about love, a family, marriage. People were socially, physically and psychologically healthy.  To create a social unit, to live in peace and harmony, to give birth to children, to work with pleasure and go through life with a smile - all these items quite recently were clearly defined, conscious and desired for the person.

Alas! Now in our innovative, technological world there are a lot of unproven, unreasonable, insensible and immoral facts which come from mass media. The information comes from radio, television, newspapers, magazines, the Internet resources and so on. But most importantly, the most moral and dangerous information comes to teenagers, to their not strengthened vision of the world, life. By radio, whether you go in public transport, or in a taxi, a personal car it is possible to hear information “harsh to the ear" that sometimes sounds like a setup: “In a family the husband used physical force.  What will you do?”. People call, tell.   And the radio DJ supports the dialogue with a laugh - "No beating, no love". It is terrible!

The most part of modern youth isn't familiar with the correct understanding and meaning of the word "family".  And what a family they will create if under the phrase “let’s make love", they understand “let’s have sex”! It is all supported by stories from newspapers and magazines about divorces and sexual adventures of different actors.

For centuries the family was a basis of education, training and forming of outlook of the younger generation. Over time and under the influence of economic and political changes of life, the institution of the family loses the ability to carry its main functions: parents begin to subcontract some of their responsibilities to educational institutions, educators, nurses.

One of the greatest poets in the history of the United States Robert Frost said: “Families are broken down when people understand those hints that you weren’t going to do, or when they don't pay attention to those hints which you do now.

What to do when a modern family loses its status, and the youth loses the spiritual and moral values?      Answering this question, I think that our society needs a regular and systematic advocacy of family and moral values.

And still, as trivial as it might sound it is necessary to train parents to be the real ones, who do not transfer their responsibilities to others.

And I think only if we can prevent the moral chaos in society and to develop careful attitude to a family, our future generation will create strong and happy families.


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