The essay "A family and the Internet".

A strong and happy family is the foundation of our country. It is one of the priority values of any society. Family situation, trends are the kind of social indicator, revealing the prospects of development of society. It plays an important role in life of each person.  Because each of us dreams of a happy, close-knit family.


I think (many people will agree with me) that for modern youth, generally, the source of information consists in the Internet which "speckles" with the headings that attract young people with their intriguing names.  For modern youth the World Wide Web more often becomes a part of the life. And after all, just some few decades ago we weren't familiar with it and there were many pluses in it. I mean advantages for today's youth. Basically young people are the users of the World Wide Web. It is enough to compare the generation of young people with the generation of the previous years.

 How many fine knowledge was available sometime! To take a walk with friends, meet with darlings; go on the nature, play football or hang on horizontal bars. The list can be continued long. And what is happening now? No, of course, anything from above-mentioned occupations wasn't gone. These engagements are also available to everybody. But! Now there is the all-powerful Internet -a modern hobby of young people which started absorbing into the network all people, irrespective of gender, age and race. And the consciousness of the younger generation began to change quickly: of course, why to strain to live in the real world, if it is possible to be "successful" in the virtual? Regularly to correspond with friends, to chat with girls which in real life the guy would be afraid to come to.

Of course, the virtual life suits young people, because in real life everything is the more difficult. And all would be nothing if it is not gone so far. The younger generation is not adapted to a normal life; it does not know how to communicate with people in the real world, feels neglected without getting the next portion of the virtual communication. Take away the computer, a phone, the TV from the child. What will he do? He will have problems. He does not know what he can do outside the virtual world. I saw enough programs on Kazakh and Russian TV channels, where are just the same people like me, not indifferent to the future of the country, try to say something, to advise… But! And things are out there… Modern parents are completely satisfied by the circumstances that the teenager doesn't disturb them, sits somewhere in a corner with the laptop. It seems that he is busy and it isn't necessary to worry about him and think where he is on the street… They don't understand that the virtual world where the teenager resides can have more negative consequences than they think…

Unfortunately, today all parents should be explained that their parental function consists not only in providing food and clothes for children. Their most important task is - to teach how to live, be friends and communicate. Of course, the Internet won't pass by us, it is a particle of the world. But it is necessary to explain to the younger generation that we cannot allow this technology to take possession of our entire world. It is known that everything is good moderately.

That it is impossible to look in the monitor all the time, and it's time to click on the "off" button and run outside! 

A.Tattybayeva, educational psychologist

Almaty, Municipal public institution School N 55.


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